BitTok Anniversary Campaign

1. Participant must have 50 followers above in the Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, and upload the screenshot to the certain link, the screenshot must able to show the sharing date and time;

2. Kindly upload the screenshot within 1 hour to the certain link;

3. Please fill in your BitTok account ID (must be verified) for airdrop reward purpose; if you are non-BitTok user, kindly download BitTok App, sign up with invitation code (please visit BitTok official social media to get the invitation code), and complete the identity verification step;

4. Airdrop reward will be issue within 7 days of end of the campaign to the certain user account;

5. Everyone can get up to worth 6 USDT project token in the “Social Media Area – Sharing Obtain Bonus Token” campaign.

The final interpretation of the campaign belongs to BitTok, platform will ban the account if found out the user having cheating issues.

Your BitTok Register Account *

*Email Address

Upload the Screenshot of the Shared Post *

*The screenshot must be showing the date and time clearly.